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You can select the style of Yoga & Dance you wish to pursue along with your level of desire. If you have prior experience, please select a level accordingly or reach out directly for a free consultation.

Classical Dance


Kuchipudi is a classical dance form that originated in the village of kuchipudi, in southern India. For a long time, the art was presented only at temples and that too only for annual festivals of certain temples in Andhra Pradesh. According to tradition, Kuchipudi dance was originally performed only by men and they all belonged to Brahmin community. These Brahmin families were known popularly as Bhagavathulu of Kuchipudi. The very first group of Brahmin Bhagavathulu of Kuchipudi was formed in 1502AD. Their programs were offerings to the deities and they never allowed women in their groups. 

Modern Dance


Learn to dance from state-of-the-art Bollywood dance tutorials. Including combinations, choreography, fundamentals, and warm-ups for any skill level and/or age!

Sunrise Yoga (Beginner)


Embark on your yoga journey whether spiritual or a supplement to your other art such as dance. Learn the core fundamentals of Yoga, and enable yourself for more.

" A powerful Vinyasa practice can shake things up to the point of calming things down." - Rusty Wells


Vinyasa is a style of yoga that strings together multiple postures in order to move from one to the other with ease. Vinyasa Yoga also particularly teaches breathing techniques. 

The dynamic nature of Vinyasa Yoga allows to not only develop a more balanced mind and body, but prevents injuries for daily repetition.

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