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Since a toddler, I've performed across numerous stages.

At Age 5, I've competed locally.

At Age 8, I've competed on a state-level.

At Age 12, I saw myself not only teaching but performing at a inter-state level.

At Age 12, I wanted to improve my dance. I wanted to perform bigger. I wanted to be better. But, my dance practice, routine, and regime wasn't enough. 


Meeting the demands of Contemporary, Fusion, and Indian Classical, I've been mentored by industry leaders. Some of the most difficult challenges I've faced while performing, creating, and competing led me to my second passion, Yoga. As a supplement on a physical and mental level, Yoga has allowed me to stay fit and healthy and it allowed me to transform myself as an entertainer.

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I’ve been working as a professional Dance Instructor for a decade. I honestly cannot imagine life without dance and yoga in my lifestyle. I love working with students of all ages and abilities. Seeing students develop and grow fulfills my purpose. As they go on to bigger stages and better lifestyles, they will fulfill theirs.

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