Get the seven-DVD Zumba Fitness DVD Set and
practice zumba in you own home!  Learn all the steps
from the "Step by Step" DVD and practice with several
different workouts including a Fitness Concert with
Beto Perez!

Zumba is a fun way to exercise. It makes exercise
seem like a dance party and you can burn between
500-800 calories in a one hour session.

Zumba is a combination of dance and fitness moves.
The dancing is mostly Latin but it also includes a
variety of world dance styles such as belly dance and
bhangra. The music is uplifting and fun!
Exhilarate Zumba DVD Set
The Zumba Gold
includes routines
that are slower
paced for the
active older adult
or just for those
who want to take
it a little easier!