How to Make Sure Your Shoes Fit
Try on your new shoes and walk around in them for several minutes. A properly fitted athletic shoe should not have to be "broken- in". Instead they should
feel comfortable right out of the box. They may, however, feel slightly stiff. I find that walking in them for awhile tends to loosen them up.

When you put your weight into the shoe make sure there is enough room for the ball of the foot to spread evenly and feel comfortable. You should feel that
your toes have enough room to spread out. Try jumping in place (or trying your zumba moves) on the balls of your feet to see if there is enough room in the

You also want to pay attention to the heel. Does it feel like your foot is coming out of the back of the shoe when you walk or jump in them? Do you feel any
discomfort in the back of the shoe on your heel?

Try shoes on both feet! For many people the right foot may be longer than the left. Buy the pair of shoes that fit your right foot better.

You also want to take into consideration the type of sock you will be wearing with your shoe. A thicker sock can give you just a little bit more cushioning than
a thinner sock. Then again a thicker sock will make the shoe seem smaller. If you buy your shoes a size up this could be an advantage.

Place an insole in your shoe
If the shoe fits right but you feel that it does not provide enough support you can try replacing the insole with one that has more cushion. Most new styles of
athletic shoes come with insoles that are removable so that you can do this. Sometimes you may have to buy a shoe size that is a half-size or a whole-size
up in order to make the shoe more comfortable with an alternate insole.

Traction and sliding with dance-fitness shoes
You will want to also look for a shoe with little or no tread on the bottom to help you pivot easy on the floor.  If you need to protect your knees then a shoe
that pivots easily will prevent injury. If you are taking a zumba class on a slippery floor you may want a shoe with more traction.  Because zumba is also a
fitness class with fitness moves it is helpful to have the traction for plyometric moves or jumping. If you take a zumba class on carpet and you need more
slide and glide in your shoe try:

Buy light shoes for zumba
Because zumba class has alot of fast footwork it will help you to have shoes that are lightweight. You should be able to move your feet around quickly and
not feel like you are dragging around alot of weight.

How to Make Your Shoes for Zumba Last Longer
There are a few things you can do to make your shoes last longer. Don't wear your shoes outside but instead wear them only when in class. Carry your
shoes in a bag and then change them once you get indoors. Buy more than one pair and alternate wearing different shoes. Always wear socks with your
shoes. Use an athletic insole. You can wash your shoes in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Let them air dry.
Having the right shoe for your exercise will give you a better
experience working out. Here's some tips for choosing the best shoes
for zumba and aerobics.

The best dance-fitness, aerobic and training shoes for a
zumba workout class are ones that are lightweight and offer
multi-directional support.  Here are some shoe buying tips:
  • When trying on shoes place all your weight in the ball of
    the foot and make sure it feels comfortable.
  • Buy shoes online in several sizes. Try them on in your
    house with socks and different insoles. This is the best
    way to find the right fit and feel for you. The shipping
    returns are usually free so don't worry. The right shoe
    will make your zumba class a much more pleasant
  • When you buy shoes online it is like having a shoe
    store  in the comfort of your own home. For example,
    you can try on shoes with socks or without, with
    different types of socks, or with different insoles. Try
    one shoe on one foot and then another style on the
    other foot. Jump in them, walk in them, dance in them
    (always on carpet so you do not get them dirty so you
    can exchange or return easily). In other words, you can
    take your time without a salesperson waiting impatiently
    for you to buy them. I have found this the BEST way to
    buy the shoes I will love. The shoes on this page all offer
    free shipping both ways. That way you can easily buy
    the same shoe in different sizes while feeling confident
    that you will not have to pay extra for shipping. If you
    are not sure of what size you wear in your shoe then
    buy half sizes and whole sizes up or down from your
    regular shoe size. Remember that different styles may fit
    completely different.
  • Take out the insole that comes with the shoe (they are
    usually very thin) and replace them with an athletic
    insole. You may have to buy a half-size or whole size
    larger to do this. This will give your shoe more arch
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