Where can I teach zumba?
Zumba instructors are currently very much in demand.  Most health clubs have several zumba classes and several zumba job
openings. You can start off by signing up as an available sub if you can't get a permanent spot at first. The
zumba instructor
salary in most health clubs is generally $15 to $25 per class, but could be higher if you live in a big city.

If you want to earn more you need to start your own classes. Some common places to start classes are recreation and
community centers, martial arts clubs, yacht clubs, dance/yoga studios, residential fitness centers, corporate fitness centers,
auditoriums, or any other space you can rent. For more detailed information on teaching group fitness classes visit
how to
become a fitness instructor.
How to Become a Zumba Instructor
To become a Zumba Instructor you simply take the Zumba Basic Instructor workshop. A list of workshop dates and locations are
listed on zumba.com.

What skills do I need to become a Zumba Instructor?
The best skill you can have in order to teach Zumba would be a love and passion for it!  If you have a love and passion for
zumba and you wish to inspire people to have fun when they exercise then that is your greatest asset. You don't really need a
dance background but it does help.  And you don't really need a background in teaching fitness but again it does help! There
are excellent zumba instructors out there with none of these things; they just have to practice a little harder!

What certifications do I need to teach Zumba?
In addition to taking the zumba instructor basic workshop, it is recommended that you get a certification in Group Fitness
through a national organization such as AFAA or ACE, although it is not necessary to get started.

It is also highly recommended to be CPR/AED certified. You can get CPR certified by taking a class through the American Red
Cross, American Heart Association, or look for privately held classes at community centers, health clubs or your local fire

Zumba Instructor Network
Zumba has an excellent support program for its instructors called ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network). As a member of the Zumba
Instructor Network known as ZIN, instructors receive many benefits including marketing materials, choreography DVD's,
for zumba classes, discounts on zumba wear, a listing in their database, eligibility to attend the Zumba Instructor Convention
and access to the instructor forum.  It is a fee of $30 per month, but if you teach zumba alot it is well worth it.
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